Beware of Daily deals

By | March 28, 2013

Do’s and don’ts of daily deals

Websites offering daily deals are now almost commonplace for many of us. Every day there are tempting deals or offers that pop into our Inboxes. How hard is it to resist what seems to be a bargain?

There are truly some great deals in these daily offers, but not all deals are created equal. The Commerce Commission and Ministry of Consumer Affairs regularly receive complaints from customers who have found not all is as it appears for some offers. As with any offer, it always pays to keep your wits about you and do your homework.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has given some guidelines:

Do check if the deal is as good as it says it is: Look at the regular price, as well as check out the competition. A quick internet search should do the trick. If the discount is exaggerated or any of the information is misleading, you can report the company to the Commerce Commission.

Don’t stand for poor quality: Whether you buy the deals at full price or at a discount or sale price, all offers must comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act. Goods must be of acceptable quality and fi t for the particular purpose, and services must be provided with reasonable care and skill.

Do resist an impulse buy: Tempting as it is to grab one of these deals on the spot, take a few minutes to think if you really need the Belgian waffle-making set.

Don’t be fobbed off: If you have a problem with something you’ve bought on one of these daily deals, ask the discount site or provider to put it right. If you’re not satisfied you can take your complaint to the Commerce Commission or the Disputes Tribunal.

What commonly occurs is that so many people take up the offer that the company is overwhelmed and has difficulty supplying the goods or services within the timeframe or at all. Persevere with the provider, they may be able to offer a time extension or you may be able to ask for your money back.

Read the terms and conditions: How many times have we said this in Fineprint? Read the t’s and c’s carefully every time you accept a deal.

These daily deals are a fun way to give yourself a treat or to get a bargain. But think carefully about the offer and take a deep breath before you press the BUY button.

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