Mike Lucas

mike_and_clientMike Lucas
(LLB – Auckland University, 1970)

After a stint in England, Mike has been in law practice in South Auckland since 1975. He has built up a formidable knowledge of the law, the region and its community in that time. Prior to establishing the present firm at its location in central Manurewa in 2002, Mike practised in Manukau City.

Mike handles and supervises the team in all the firm’s work. In spite of his extensive knowledge Mike has the experience and pragmatism to know when it is in his client’s interests to involve other professionals. Mike uses what he calls his “great contacts” – the national network of firms in the NZ LAW Group and the people and organisations he knows locally, to ensure those interests are always best protected.
Mike and his family are well known and active community supporters in the Manurewa, Manukau and South Auckland regions. Mike has been a Rotarian in the Alfriston Rotary Club for more than 20 years and has provided legal advice and assistance to   local cricket and rugby clubs throughout his career.


Contact Mike now:
(09) 269 2844
Email address: mike@mikelucaslaw.co.nz


What some of our clients say about Mike

Mike Lucas has, for many years, been looking after my home and investment property matters and those of the many of my family and friends to whom I have recommended him.

The reasons are simple – Mike, or as I call him “the Main Man” at the firm, is always accessible and does the business.  I can say unequivocally that all of my dealings with Mike have been great.

I have been in situations (when working with others and their lawyers) that have made me very aware of just how approachable and accessible Mike and the team at Mike Lucas Law really are.

Above all, I trust Mike and have total confidence in him.  I consider that to be a very important thing in today’s business world, and this has formed the basis of my recommending Mike to others.”

Ann Scott